May 30

Twitter vs. Facebook

Twitter is starting to criticize Trump's content on its platform, Facebook says it is all about free speech. But is either of these the solution?

Obama was probably the first politician who won an election by using social media. No wonder in further elections everybody realized the importance of Twitter, Facebook & Co and started using it. It lead to scandals like Cambridge Analytica, the methods became more and more sophisticated using micro targeting and fake content.

Social media is great for politicians. With classic media they can get content out and it will be reported from different newspapers and point of views. It is commented and evaluated by journalists, there is a media law controlling media companies.

But social media sites are officially no media companies and everybody can pretty much write what they want. Maybe not like on message boards like 4chan, but we are getting there.

After George Floyd, a black American, was killed by a white cop, all on video, and Donald Trump decided it was a good idea to threaten to shoot people if the riots escelate, Twitter chose to moderate.

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Despite employees of Facebook seem to feel very uncomfortable with their CEO's decision to not intervene, Mark Zuckerberg justified his decision: "…we think people need to know if the government is planning to deploy force…"

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Reading these news one might jump to the conclusion Twitter is good, Facebook is bad. The real problem I see: why do private companies (or even their CEO), that reach more readers than newspapers, that publish news content, have the power to decide what to publish and what not? Shouldn`t there be laws for that? Is the whole business model of social media flawed? Which algorithm should decide if it is ok to publish content like this? Should people moderate the content, that the users publish? You would probably need so many people, that even all the ads in the world wouldn't be enough to make a profit.

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