Sep 27

What's going on Part II?

What's going on in the neighbourhood with Read what is currently being worked on (Part II)!

New - Read later 🍇

Quite often when scrolling through the various feeds I wanted to save the article or podcast to read or listen to it later. I started using Pocket for that, but somehow it was not cutting it for me. I convinced myself that a read later page makes a lot of sense, everybody has it, now we have it, too.

Why the berries? These are of course no normal berries, but member berries!

Member berries

Currently articles are deleted after six months to save resources, so if you really want to save it forever, you have to save it to your bookmarks or some other service. It is really a read later feature, and six months should be plenty!

Experimental - Twitter profiles 🐦

I hacked together a service that converts twitter profiles to RSS feeds, which is currently being tested. You can also try it by just pasting the full profile url when adding a feed, like ""


Let me know how it works out for you!

Thinking about - Web2RSS

The same service also converts websites to RSS feeds. Currently testing it and it works fine, but not sure what to do with it yet, as it is pretty complicated to find the various element selectors to build the feed.

And more..

Always improving performance and removing bugs, if you find anything - let us know! You can contact us via email on the support page, @nooshub on twitter, or on reddit (don't know how it works yet though 😂)

Till next time!