Aug 5

A quick update

Just a quick update about the latest changes! You probably already heard about the Twitter disruptions. I first got fetching twitter profiles working again, but when it broke once more I decided to pull the plug. I recommend nitter for following twitter feeds, it is a vivid project and I think as long it is somehow possible to read tweets without logging in, nitter will probably keep working. The nooshub twitter profile will be updated for some time, but medium term updates will be posted on mastodon.

Other than that there were some quite big performance improvements, especially for loading feeds. That was a recurring trouble from the beginning and I am pretty happy that it is solved now!

With PWA support in the Apple ecosystem getting better, you can add to your home screen and have a more app like feeling! There are some quirks, like rendering errors and sometimes you can't cancel to open a link if you accidentally tapped it, but I think it might get fixed in future iOS updates. To have a desktop app you need to wait a little more for macOS 14, with Brave Browser it is already possible. For Android I was not able to test yet, but I would hope the support is at least equally well.

You can drag the sidebar in from the right side, easier than hitting the burger button when using one handed!

Already a little bit older is the feature to mark paywalled content. It is in testing and not done for all sources yet. It depends on publishers to set the correct tags, so if it is wrong in the app it is probably wrong in the source.

Besides that I did a feature purge of experiments that did not really work out - embedding articles like you know from tweets was not really used and I decided focus more on core features. Same for public user pages, which were mostly used for marketing so I also removed them.

For any questions or feedback please just visit the support page for contact!