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Samsung will reveal the next Galaxy Note on August 5

Samsung’s next big Unpacked event is scheduled for August 5. As is the trend these days, the unveiling will be online-only, following in the footsteps of big virtual events from the likes of. Microsoft and Apple. It’s Samsung’s first crack at the format. The company just made it under the pre-COVID-19 shutdown wire back in […]

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Samsung updates mid-range Galaxy A51 and A71 with flagship S20 camera features

Samsung’s Galaxy A51. | Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge Samsung is updating its Galaxy A51 and A71 handsets with a collection of new features from its flagship Galaxy S20 series. These include new camera functionality like Single Take and Night Hyperlapse, along with new sharing, search, and translation features. Samsung’s announcement doesn’t say exactly when the update is releasing, but GSMArena previously reported that the functionality had started rolling out to the A51 last month. Among the new camera features are Single Take and Night Hyperlapse. Single Take lets you capture using several different camera modes simultaneously, and then pick from the results after the fact, while Night Hyperlapse is designed to offer better hyperlapse videos in low-light. There’s a new custom fi...

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Samsung will hold its Unpacked event virtually on August 5th

Samsung may very well have been the last major tech company to hold a large event before the world began to lockdown, but it’s not taking any chances with its next big show. The company just announced it will be holding Unpacked 2020 on August 5th at...

Gizmodo | 08 Jul 01:00

Samsung's Next Galaxy Unpacked Event is Aug. 5, and We're Excited to See Whatever This Copper Thing Is

After months of rumors, Samsung has finally confirmed that its next Galaxy Unpacked event is Aug. 5. Unlike previous Unpacked events, this one will be entirely digital, which means anyone can watch to see what the company will reveal. (Spoiler alert: It’s almost certainly gonna be a giant copper phone .) Read more...

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 event confirmed for August 5th

Samsung has announced that its next Galaxy Unpacked event will take place on Wednesday, August 5th, at 10AM ET. The company is expected to reveal its new lineup of Galaxy Note 20 devices, along with a successor to its first foldable, the Galaxy Fold. Samsung’s teaser is pretty cryptic, even by the standards of tech invitations, although the copper color splash does match the leaked images of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra — the rumored flagship of the lineup — that were accidentally posted on Samsung’s Russian website at the beginning of July. Image: Samsung Russia Rumors are uncharacteristically quiet for what to expect, despite the fact that an announcement is set to arrive in less than a month. Although at least one... Continue reading…

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Ad boycott leaders say meeting with Zuckerberg was 'a disappointment'

Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and other Facebook officials met with the leaders of the groups behind the growing advertiser boycott of the company. It didn’t go well, according to the civil rights leaders in attendance. “#StopHateForProfit didn’t...

Gizmodo | 08 Jul 01:30

Facebook Ad Boycott Will Go on After Zuckerberg, Sandberg Blow Off Civil Rights Groups' Demands

CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook—the social media company you may recognize from United Nations accusations of complicity in genocide and its role in recklessly flooding the web with conspiracy theories and extremism —predictably failed to placate a coalition of civil rights groups leading an ad… Read more...

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Facebook boycott leaders ‘disappointed’ after meeting with Zuckerberg, Sandberg

What began as a relatively small effort by activist organizations to hold Facebook accountable for perceived policy failings has snowballed into a mass corporate backlash—and a rare moment of discomfort for a company that enjoys its status as one of tech’s untouchable giants. As the #StopHateforProfit campaign continues to attract surprisingly mainstream corporations to its […]

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Facebook boycott organizers call Mark Zuckerberg meeting ‘a disappointment’

Illustration by James Bareham / The Verge After months of escalating pressure, leaders from the #StopHateForProfit boycott campaign met with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook executives today. But in a call with reporters after the meeting, organizers from Color of Change, Free Press, the NAACP, and the Anti-Defamation League described the meeting as frustrating. “The meeting that we just left was a disappointment,” said Color of Change president Rashad Robinson. “At this point, we were expecting a very clear answer to the demands we are making, and we did not get that.” Held on Zoom, the meeting was slightly over an hour, and it included a variety of policy team leads as well as chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg and chief product officer Chris Cox. But while... Con...

CNET News | 07 Jul 22:26

Facebook ad boycott organizers say meeting with executives was 'disappointing' - CNET

Civil rights advocates met with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg.

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ARM wants to transfer its IoT divisions to Softbank so it can focus on chips

ARM plans to transfer two of its internet of things (IoT) businesses to Softbank (via TechCrunch). If the company's board of directors approves the move, Softbank would then directly oversee those divisions. The Japanese company bought the chip desig...

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Arm proposes spinning off IoT businesses into new Softbank-owned entities

Shedding its two IoT Services Group businesses would let Arm focus more on its core semiconductor IP business.

TechCrunch | 07 Jul 22:07

Arm plans to spin off IoT businesses under Softbank banner, as it focuses on core chip design business

Arm today announced plans to spinoff its two IoT business, a move that would effectively transfer the divisions under the broader umbrella of Softbank Group core, which purchased the chip designer back in 2016. The move comes as Arm seeks to focus its efforts exclusively on the semiconductor IP business that has made the company […]

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The creators of the buzzy audio app Clubhouse made a depressingly common mistake

I. Yesterday we talked about how a recent social media conflict between journalists and the tech world might be better framed as a conflict between managers and their employees . Today I want to look at that conflict from another angle — how it played out on the buzzy, audio-only, invite-only social network Clubhouse. Like many social startups before it, the company neglected to develop or enforce strong community guidelines before launch — and the oversight could derail a company valued at $100 million while still in private beta. Let me acknowledge up front that Clubhouse is barely a few months old, and currently has just two full-time employees — its founders, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. I’ve known Davison for about seven years, and... Continue reading…

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These 2 books will strengthen your command of Python machine learning

Mastering machine learning is not easy, even if you’re a crack programmer. I’ve seen many people come from a solid background of writing software in different domains (gaming, web, multimedia, etc.) thinking that adding machine learning to their roster of skills is another walk in the park. It’s not. And every single one of them has been dismayed. I see two reasons for why the challenges of machine learning are misunderstood. First, as the name suggests, machine learning is software that learns by itself as opposed to being instructed on every single rule by a developer. This is an oversimplification that many media… This story continues at The Next Web

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Apple Stores in Victoria, Australia to Reclose Following Return of Lockdown

Four Apple stores in Victoria, Australia are set to reclose for up to six weeks from July 9, following a spike in coronavirus infections in the state. As reported by 9to5Mac , Apple Highpoint in Melbourne was the first store to reclose on July 2 as the deteriorating health situation prompted a reintroduction of stage three lockdown measures across the state capital. Apple's other retail stores in Victoria will now also reclose. They include Chadstone , Southland , Doncaster , and Fountain Gate . All four stores had been operating on a reduced pickup and appointment-only Genius Support service since last week. The reimposed stay-at-home measures are expected to last at least six weeks, with only essential travel like buying groceries and medicines allowed. Restaurants and cafes have been...

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Mercedes-Benz embraces the touchscreen in the new version of MBUX

Images: Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the second generation of its MBUX infotainment system that will debut in the 2021 S-Class, which features a new touchscreen-forward user interface that requires fewer buttons. It’s all powered by a new hardware suite that adds functionality and features across the car, like improvements to the “Hey Mercedes” voice command system, pseudo-3D display technology behind the steering wheel, and new personal profiles that can be accessed via a fingerprint sensor or facial and voice recognition. First revealed in early 2018 , MBUX (short for Mercedes-Benz User Experience) is one of the more capable automaker-created infotainment systems on the market. But it has so far been shoehorned into vehicles that were designed... Continue reading…

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Probe of failed Boeing Starliner launch finds a long list of problems

The independent team NASA and Boeing formed to look into Starliner’s failed flight to the ISS is done with its investigation. And based on NASA’s announcement, they have a pretty lengthy list of changes to make before the spacecraft can start ferryin...

Gizmodo | 08 Jul 00:07

Investigation of Botched Starliner Test Exposes Boeing’s Weakness as a NASA Partner

An independent NASA-Boeing review team has completed its investigation into serious issues that arose during a test of Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft late last year. Boeing has now been given no less than 80 recommendations to put into practice, in what is an alarming display of the problems at the aerospace company. Read more...

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Some iPhone Users Report Significant Battery Drain Due to Music App Background Activity in iOS 13.5.1

A significant minority of iPhone users have taken to Apple's Support Communities and Reddit to report battery drain issues largely related to the Music app and high levels of background activity. Hundreds of users, many running iOS 13.5.1 on devices both new and old, are experiencing rapid battery drain when the Music app is not in use. In some cases, the background activity occurs over several hours each day, even if the app has not been used for weeks or even at all. User: Mojo06 I just purchased a new iPhone 11 a few days ago, and my battery is crashing so fast. I haven't even used the Apple Music App yet and it says that it has been running in the background for over 18 hours and has used 95% of my battery. My phone is also getting very hot from this. I am concerned this will kill m...

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Building a programming language? It’s pretty much the same as playing with LEGO

This article was originally published on .cult by Niklas Priess. .cult is a media platform for untold developer stories, where developers can read content around the softer side of development and watch documentaries about the tech they love. You can read this original piece here. Have you ever played with LEGO? If you want to build a house, for example, you have to start with a sturdy foundation. Once you have the foundation, it’s easy to add and change each element, like removing a wall and adding a door instead, or attaching an entirely new level to the top. I think… This story continues at The Next Web

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LinkedIn will let you upload audio clips to tell people how to pronounce your name

The 10-second audio clips appear as speaker icons next to a user’s name. | Image: The Verge LinkedIn has added a new feature to its user profiles: the option to record 10-second audio clips to let others know how to pronounce your name. The recordings can only be added via LinkedIn’s mobile apps on Android and iOS, but playback is accessible on both mobile and desktop. To add a recording, simply head to your profile on a mobile app, click View Profile, then Edit, and then “Record name pronunciation.” Step by step instructions can be found here . “Everyone makes mistakes when pronouncing other people’s names” The feature is a simple one (Facebook has offered a similar option with digital pronunciations for years) but extremely welcome on a networking site like LinkedIn. It’s designed to...

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An external lens won’t completely fix your webcam woes, but it has its benefits

Recently, some of the most popular webcams have been difficult to buy at major online retailers as people bought them to help stay in contact while social distancing or working from home during the pandemic. For example, as of this writing, Logitech’s popular C920 HD Pro webcam is sold out on Logitech’s US online store , and its listed price on Amazon US is currently well above Logitech’s own $79.99 asking price. Other models are available, but the situation means you might not get the exact webcam you want. That means people have had to get creative by using standalone cameras or even old iOS or Android devices as replacement webcams. But today, I’ve been trying out a different approach: using an aftermarket lens from Moment to improve... Continue reading…

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Enterprise architecture software company LeanIX raises $80M Series D

LeanIX, the enterprise architecture software company founded out of Bonn in Germany, has closed $80 million in Series D funding. The round is led by new investor Goldman Sachs Growth. Previous investors Insight Partners and DTCP also followed on. The Series D brings LeanIX’s total funding to over $120 million. The company says it will […]

TechCrunch | 08 Jul 08:31

Facebook expands Instagram Reels to India

As scores of startups look to cash in on the content void that ban on TikTok and other Chinese apps has created in India, a big challenger is ready to try its own hand. Instagram said on Wednesday it is rolling out Reels — a feature that allows users to create short-form videos (up to […]

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Nintendo Switch Online is adding 'Donkey Kong Country' this month

Nintendo has added another batch of retro games to its Switch Online service, and one of them may have been a childhood favorite. Donkey Kong Country, the 1994 Super NES reboot of the Donkey Kong franchise, will be available to play for subscribers s...

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Donkey Kong Country heads July’s Nintendo Switch Online games

Nintendo’s latest addition to the library of retro games that comes with its Switch Online subscription service includes a big hitter: Donkey Kong Country . Rare’s 1994 side-scrolling platformer was one of the more conspicuous absences from the service, and its addition presumably opens the door for its two sequels down the line. The other two games coming this month are a little more obscure. 1994’s Natsume Championship Wrestling is a US conversion of a SNES wrestling game with its Japanese licensing removed, while The Immortal is a 1990 NES conversion of a fantasy action RPG originally developed for the Apple IIGS and published by EA. All three games will be added to the service on July 15th. Nintendo Switch Online costs $19.99 a year... Continue reading…