Bring the noise! The RSS Reader that unclutters the daily news jungle.

Our newsreader uses algorithms to find similar articles in your rss feeds. Especially for news feeds with a high rate of new articles this helps to discover important content and lets you read about a topic from different sources.

Welcome to the Jungle

The app constantly learns what's going on in the world and tries to group similar articles. With thousands of new articles per day in your news feeds this helps you to not only remove the clutter, it also shows you trends and lets you read about a topic from different points of view.

Stay up to Date

As soon as our crawlers detect new content from your sources, we update the number of unseen articles and a refresh button.

Minimal Design

It looks more like a newspaper than an email client, the settings are hidden so that they do not disturb you while reading. Of course it also works on your phone or tablet, and it has an automatic dark mode. 🦇

Readymade Collections

For many topics there are collections made by us with the best feeds we found. They are further improved and maintained. You can follow or 'fork' them to create your own version. If you already have a OPML file you can import it to easily create new collections.

Nutshell and Gems

During a day a lot of articles arrive in your pages. The Nutshell "meta" page checks all your pages for trending topics to give you a quick overview about what is going on. The gems page does the opposite: it collects unseen articles of low frequency feeds that could otherwise get buried in the news jungle.

Privacy Focused

No third party scripts, no tracking, no ads, no data collection 🦑. Our algorithms only use the content of articles, no user data.