The Feed Reader that automatically groups similar articles.

Nooshub can group articles from your RSS feeds that are similar. That makes it easy for you to compare different viewports on the same topic. It also cleans your feeds and helps to detect trending topics. You can follow your favorite newspapers, blogs or podcasts and create your own personal pages from it. You can also follow readymade collections that were picked by us or adjust them to make them your own.

At a Glance

  • Groups similar content so you can easily read about a topic from different sources *
  • Automatically finds top news in your newsfeed and shows them at the top *
  • Search through your feeds
  • UI optimized for all devices
  • Automatic dark mode for better reading experience at night
  • Readymade collections for you to use and adjust
  • OPML import and export
  • Listen to podcasts in the app
  • Realtime notifications for new articles
  • Images are catched from the source and served by our servers through a secure connection
  • No advertisement, tracking or other 3rd party scripts
* Currently usable for english and german. You can turn off clustering for each feed collection.

Stay up to Date, hassle-free

Nooshub shows which collections have new articles in realtime, and lets you search through all articles from the past. You can also use it for your favorite podcasts and play them in place.

Minimal Design

It looks like a newspaper and all settings are hidden in the backend. The app is optimized to work on mobile phones or tablets, and we have a dark mode 🦇

Readymade Collections

For many topics there are collections made by us with the best feeds we found. You can follow them or 'fork' them and create your own version to get started quickly. If you already have a OPML file you can import it to easily create new collections.

Reuters: Top News | 22 Jan 19:24

Senate to vote on Trump plan to re-open government this week: McConnell

U.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday the Senate would vote this week on President Donald Trump's proposal to end a partial government shutdown. - RSS Channel - App International Edition | 22 Jan 19:13

With no end in sight after a record 32 days, here's what it might take to end this game of high-stakes chicken

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will take up President Donald Trump's already-doomed proposal to re-open the government by offering temporary protections for DACA recipients in exchange for money to build his border wall. Then, on Wednesday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi will hold a vote in the House on a continuing resolution that would re-open the government through February 28. It will pass the House and be ignored by the Senate.

Reuters: Top News | 22 Jan 19:12

Trump seeks to move ahead with big speech despite Pelosi shutdown concerns

President Donald Trump on Tuesday attempted to move ahead with planning for a State of the Union speech to the U.S. Congress on Jan. 29 despite pressure from Democrats to delay it due to the government shutdown, as his immigration proposal suffered a blow from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Al Jazeera English | 22 Jan 19:17

Tales of torture from Israel's prisons

As Israel prepares to worsen conditions for Palestinian prisoners, we asked six former inmates about their experiences.

The Guardian | 22 Jan 19:13

Los Angeles teachers reach tentative deal to end strike

Mayor Eric Garcetti says agreement yet to be ratifiedEducators struck on 14 January for first time in 30 yearsContentious contract negotiations have resulted in a tentative deal between Los Angeles school officials and the teachers union that will allow striking educators to return to classrooms on Wednesday.Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles announced the deal on Tuesday. He said it requires the approval of the teachers and the board of education. Continue reading...

Reuters: Top News | 22 Jan 19:11

Oscar nominees react with gratitude, pride and honor

Actors, directors and producers were "flabbergasted," "honored" and "over the moon' to be nominated for the Academy Awards, which will be presented on Feb. 24 in Hollywood.