The Feed Reader that automatically groups similar articles.

Nooshub can group articles from your RSS feeds that are similar. That makes it easy for you to compare different viewports on the same topic. It also cleans your feeds and helps to detect trending topics. You can follow your favorite newspapers, blogs or podcasts and create your own personal pages from it. You can also follow readymade collections that were picked by us or adjust them to make them your own.

At a Glance

  • Groups similar content so you can easily read about a topic from different sources *
  • Automatically finds top news in your newsfeed and shows them at the top *
  • Search through your feeds
  • UI optimized for all devices
  • Automatic dark mode for better reading experience at night
  • Readymade collections for you to use and adjust
  • OPML import and export
  • Listen to podcasts in the app
  • Realtime notifications for new articles
  • Images are catched from the source and served by our servers through a secure connection
  • No advertisement, tracking or other 3rd party scripts
* Currently usable for english and german. You can turn off clustering for each feed collection.

Stay up to Date, hassle-free

Nooshub shows which collections have new articles in realtime, and lets you search through all articles from the past. You can also use it for your favorite podcasts and play them in place.

Minimal Design

It looks like a newspaper and all settings are hidden in the backend. The app is optimized to work on mobile phones or tablets, and we have a dark mode 🦇

Readymade Collections

For many topics there are collections made by us with the best feeds we found. You can follow them or 'fork' them and create your own version to get started quickly. If you already have a OPML file you can import it to easily create new collections.

The Guardian | 18 Feb 14:35

Trump's 'bring jihadists home' call gets mixed response in Europe

Germany will put fighters on trial, while Hungary says they should not be allowed back Donald Trump’s demand that Germany, France and Britain repatriate and prosecute their citizens fighting in Syria has met a mixed response in Europe as countries baulk at the difficulties involved in taking back hundreds of alleged jihadis. Germany pledged on Monday to put its foreign fighters on trial, but warned their repatriation would be “extremely difficult”, while France said it would not act for now on Trump’s call but would take militants back on a “case-by-case” basis. Continue reading...

The Guardian | 18 Feb 14:12

Hozier webchat – follow it live!

The singer of Take Me to Church will be answering your questions from 1-2pm GMT on Monday 18 February 1.12pm GMT Orpheusss asks: Having the success you have and so early comes with some disadvantages but what are some things about your fame that you enjoy? I am, I think, the luckiest person I know. And the greatest benefit is not having to worry as much about things that life throws at you and your family with regard to money troubles. That hands down is the greatest thing. 1.11pm GMT timelines asks: Who does your hair? I should give him a shoutout because he's starting a new business - the Butcher Barber in Dublin. Ask for Emmet. Continue reading...