The smart RSS Reader that automatically groups similar articles.

Nooshub cleans up your newsfeed by grouping articles that are very similar. It was built to make it easy for you to compare different viewports on the same topic. Of course you can follow your favorite newspaper, blog or even youtube channel and create your own personal feeds from it. You can also follow readymade collections that were handpicked by us. No advertisement, no social features, just information.

Stay up to Date, hassle-free

Nooshub shows which collections have new articles in realtime, and lets you search through all articles from the past. You can also use it for you favorite podcasts and play them in place.

Classic minimal Design

It looks like a newspaper, all functionality is hidden in the settings. No buttons to accidentally push. Of course it also works on mobile or tablet.

Readymade Collections

For many topics there are collections featuring handpicked feeds. You can 'fork' them and create your own version to get started quickly. If you already have a OPML file you can import it easily to a new collection.

Reuters: Top News | 14 Nov 12:04

House Democrat to probe census citizenship question

The lawmaker expected to head the powerful House Oversight Committee in the new U.S. Congress says one of his first priorities will be investigating why President Donald Trump's administration decided to ask about citizenship on the 2020 census questionnaire.

NYT > Home Page | 14 Nov 12:00

Fixes: Down Under, More Humane Private Prisons

Australia and New Zealand contract with companies to design and manage facilities and reward the companies financially if their prisoners’ recidivism rates fall.

Reuters: Top News | 14 Nov 11:55

German government: We welcome any progress toward an orderly Brexit

The German government welcomes any progress toward an orderly Brexit, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday, as British Prime Minister Theresa May tries to convince senior ministers on Wednesday to accept a draft European Union divorce deal.