The Feed Reader that lets you read multiple newspapers at once.

Nooshub is about building your custom feed collections that bundle all the articles from your favorite sources. In these collections we group similar articles and put groups with many articles at the top. That not only makes it easy for you to compare different viewports on the same topic and to discover trending topics, but it also cleans your feeds.
You can follow your favorite newspapers, blogs or podcasts and create your own personal pages from it, or you can follow readymade collections that were picked by us or adjust them to make them your own.

Different points of view

The app lets you discover articles about a topic from different sources. We also use the count of similar articles as indicator of a trending topics. Instead of social metrics (Likes etc.) we use the content itself. If many news sources write about a topic, it is probably important. The rest of the feed is chronological.

Stay up to Date

We show which collections have new articles in realtime, and let you search through articles from the past. You can also use it for your favorite podcasts and play them in place.

Minimal Design

It looks like a newspaper and all settings are hidden in the backend. The app is optimized to work on all devices including mobile phones and tablets. And of course - it has a dark mode 🦇

Readymade Collections

For many topics there are collections made by us with the best feeds we found. They are further improved and maintained. You can follow them or 'fork' them and create your own version to get started quickly. If you already have a OPML file you can import it to easily create new collections.