Oct 8

Is Your Favorite Podcast Tracking You?

Podcast listening is hard to track, but that doesn’t mean advertisers aren’t trying

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Oct 2

Spice up your Online Life with some RSS 🧂🌿

Did you know you can follow many of your favorite websites without Twitter or Facebook? It is called RSS and has some great advantages I wanna show you and tell you how easy it is to get started!

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Sep 27

What's going on Part II?

What's going on in the neighbourhood with nooshub.com? Read what is currently being worked on (Part II)!

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Sep 22

What's going on?

What's going on in the neighbourhood with nooshub.com? Read what is currently being worked on!

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Jul 18

Let me introduce: Nooshub Newsreader

I started Nooshub in 2018 searching for a better way to read daily news than Twitter, Facebook and Co. Since then a lot has happened and I think the core features are now pretty much solid. So I thought it would be time for a proper introduction.

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Jun 28

The Social Media Boycott

The "Stop Hate for Profit" boycott gained much momentum as large companies are joining. It was started by the Anti-Defamation League. Here comes a press roundup in our new "In a big nutshell 🥜" series.

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May 30

Twitter vs. Facebook

Twitter is starting to criticize Trump's content on its platform, Facebook says it is all about free speech. But is either of these the solution?

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May 24

It's all about your data

I don't even know why I was so surprised hearing about Facebook's acquisition of Giphy. Perhaps because in my head I devide companies in good and bad ones, and I really had thought Giphy with its anarchic, trashy flavor was definetly one of the good ones.

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Feb 22

How RSS became a Thing (again)

RSS (originally RDF Site Summary; later, two competing approaches emerged, which used the backronyms Rich Site Summary and Really Simple Syndication respectively) is a web feed which allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer-readable format. Wikipedia

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